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Default follow up information

i have recently noted i keep finding "sticky keys". i have ask all persons at my home and i find i have someone that has been playing games using "sticky keys" on my computer for quite sometime. i did not know about other persons on computer, now password changed.

i went to start, paint, file, open... then to "look in" where i chose "my recent documents". numerous things came up, one of which is unknown to me and named "chameleon".

i r.clicked chameleon and 14 icons appeared, 4 icons named firefox, firefox ms-dos application, firefox shortcut to ms-dos program, firefox screensaver, iexplorer, mbam-killer, rundll32,svchost, winlogon and others. i right clicked one of the firefox related icons and clicked properties and i seen "test, configure, and other options. i closed it and came here, hoping to figure out what had happened. each of the icons are showing a size measurement in kb.

some are dated 4-4-12, some dated 4-18-12.
my computer is working fine, and i HAVE NOT attempted to replace the mozilla firefox browser yet.

this is from the admin side. i looked at the limited user side and found similar items as mentioned above.
how do i remove all of this prior to replacing mozilla firefox? and is there anything of value possibly for knowledge contained within the above information?
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