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I have an Acer Timeline laptop with a Sandy Bridge i-core 3, 6 GB of DDR3 Ram, 500 GB WD hardrive, 64-bit Windows 7 Home Edition .

I tried Waterfox this weekend and was a bit disappointed. I uninstalled Firefox 12.0 and the 32-bit version of Adobe Flash, then cleaned up after them.

I installed Waterfox and the 64-bit version of Adobe Flash. I tested Waterfox over the next two days, both Sandboxed and out of the Sandbox. I had several browser crashes mostly caused by the 64-bit version of Adobe Flash. There was no browsing speed advantage, no browser start up adavantage with Waterfox on my machine.

I went back to 32-bit version of Firefox 12.0 and Adobe Flash, had greater bowser stability and no issues with youtube or other flash videos.

I used browser add-ons Adblock Plus, WOT, Ghostery, and HTTPS Everywhere with both browsers.
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