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Default This is starting to make sense

If I am starting to understand this. I believe the database in this case mysql is actually a server in itself sending the data for my webpage to the requesting browser. This replaces the requesting browser from actually downloading the contents of my webpage and html code. So the requesting browser receives that information directly from my sql data base in the form of a php file. Is this data converted to html by the requesting browser or does the browser interpret it in php code ?

I am using Go Daddy and it has a Mysql database built in. I just created that database and its creation is pending.

To communicate to mySQL so I can form my webpage do I use one of the for_mentioned applications such as wamp which I already have installed on my computer or build my database using the host's on_board tools?
Or do I create my webpage using a tool like wamp and then ftp the php file to my database? In other words whats the best way to communicate between my computer and MYSQL residing at my website host?

I am still trying to get my head wrapped around this point.
My host is trying to sell me a bag of goods around every corner.
I want to use my host for convenience and circumvent any pay type services.

PS: thanks so much for your help


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