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Default Wamp! what the heck is SQL?

I am just getting started to learn the wild west of web pages. I've had a flat site (html) for over a year now. Very basic. I made it with a evaluation copy of dreamweaver. Since then I have been tweaking it using kompozer.

I am ready to take it to the next level! To boldly go. Where? I have no idea.
I just downloaded my shiny copy of WebDwarf V2 and i'm ready to make the leap.
I am going to build a new multi page website and save it to my hard drive until Chris.p comes out with part 3 on How to build and host a website for free.

I have a couple of questions so I can get started on the right track.

How does a data base or SQL apply to a website?

I keep hearing about winamp which I have on my computer. I have no clue what to do with it. It has apache in it submenu which I also have heard of and dont know what it does. I would greatly appreciate a brief explanation.
Can I use these tools for my blog as well?

I'm not a genius but I am a thinker so any help will go a long way. Thanks in advance.

PS I am reading a tutorial on SQL at SQL Course

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