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Originally Posted by MC
The big downside for Linux here is that many breakages are very system specific so finding a tailored solution often takes some time and effort. Some of the Linux forums are still far from newbie friendly and the condescending manner of the replies must have driven many a convert straight back to Windows.
Totally agree... Because of my video card the last 4 distro's I've tried, when booted did not show the grub boot menu. The first time it happened it created considerable anxiety but with linux experience I knew how to look for the solution. When I say how, I mean what forums to go to and how to ask the right questions. Most newbies probably would have panicked and given up.
I believe it was Dedoimedo that said its about perception in that those with experience perceive problems differently and that could explain the condescending attitudes found at linux forums. Still don't make it right though
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