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in response to Anupam, I dont know how i was directed to soft32, i noted we had discussed that in a different post a week, or two ago. I dont recall why, but i had a screen shot that showed soft32 from back then.
I have not intentionally went there, i think I typed in a seach engine, Mozilla foxfire browser (its been a while, im not sure) and i was taken to a site that was mostly orange, i think a woman and a dog were on the page, the (icon) i associate with mozilla was there and a download button.
1. I downloaded it, setup or installation of it was placed on desk top in form of an icon of a kid.
2. i began the installation , everything worked fine upon completion, i used it as i thought was proper, no knowingly bad sites..etc.
3. the icon started out as an orange round ball ?, type looking as if it was rolling indicating fast i suppose. I do know it to be the icon related to that product.
4. the other icons remain the same, but when you r. click properties i would find "for instance" target/paths were not correct it might say, c/programs/guest/documents/mozillafoxfire.exe, when you were looking at properties for say "imgur" (what i described is an example only, not specific) i knew that was a problem and i came here, not knowing what kind of problem.
5. the different icon appeared after turning on computer from a 3 day on purpose shutdown, and i had no mozilla firefox browser, just the icon that had changed, and i dont recall where the target and path were pointed, but it wasnt there.
6. i did not try the other icons to see if they worked, knew they wouldnt at time and didnt know what that would cause in computer.
7.hitman only caught it after installation was complete, i scanned the installation icon and contents with mbam, mse but hitman was the only one that caught it.
8. SPECULATION ONLY, maybe hitman uploaded the captures, made a determination and removed the items? its set to ask before doing, but i dont know if that is a constant, i dont catch much with it
9. ASK was offered at the time of download firefox

i DID hit the wrong button after unchecking the ASK toolbar questions that was provided, and right you are, i read it twice, and im able to comprehend well, but i did hit the wrong button.

The good news is...after following the instructions of "george' to the letter, and taking my time to do it as correctly as possible and when i finished, I called my ISP, (and there a company every living being in the world has heard of) under remote connection i was told this, "from the screen shots, and the cleanup you have done, you could work here, theres not a trace left that i can find, i notice we use the same tools so that helped also" thats a compliment back to "george", and I thank very much as well, but i cant take your credit.
in the address bar i typed, tool me to (below)
thats where i started from, all i did was hit download

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