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True, Gnome 2 has been discontinued, but I'm perfectly happy to live with it through its final glory days on SolusOS. Yet it will be interesting to see what the next desktop iteration will be once the new Debian Stable arrives. From what I've seen so far, I am confident SolusOS will offer us a fine desktop in the future.
This is the essence of what concerns me. Will SolusOS end up using a hybrid of sorts such as Mate, and Cinnamon? Will SolusOS provide that niche for unhappy Microsoft users that are running away from Win8? Will it compete with Zorin in that way? Its going to be a tough sell convincing a large number of people to switch to SolusOS. With that said, every good distro had to start somewhere. I have great respect for Debian, which is what Mepis was built on and it was my first good experience with linux as a usable OS. It appears the author of this article does not share my concerns and is confident that it has a future. I'm downloading SolusOS while writing this post and will be saying goodbye to Zorin after I make a image of it first
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