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Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
I recently downloaded mozilla and used the browser for about 2 weeks, (default set) worked just fine
What do you mean by default set?

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
i had been getting trojan and malware messages in hitman on the set up download, but not until after it was installed
Did you scan with Hitman after you had downloaded the Firefox setup from Soft32, or after you had installed Firefox?

If you had scanned with Hitman after downloading the Firefox setup from Soft32, but before installing it... you should not have gone ahead with the installation.

Remember that any amount of security software will not prevent you from an infection, if you are not careful yourself, and do not follow safe practices.. or ignore alerts from the security software.

Ultimately, the safety of the PC depends on the user who uses the security software.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
now i have a new browser with "ask" as my search engine/homepage, it has never been my homepage, I have had the same homepage since 1997
Most probably, Ask has been installed as search engine/homepage, because you missed it while installing a software on your computer.. or, you got confused by the options presented while installation... as some of these can be tricky.

You should always be careful while installing software on your computer, and the process should be done slowly, paying attention to each and every screen.. because nowadays many software, even the free ones, are bundled with extra software. Often, some of them can present confusing screens, to lure the user into installing the bundled software.

Was Ask presented to you while installing Firefox via the Soft32 downloader? If not, it must have been installed with any other software that you installed recently.

I would also like to ask, why did you decided to download Firefox from Soft32? How did you even come across Soft32?

Because I tried searching for the terms "Firefox", "Mozilla Firefox" on Google, and Soft32 does not come up in the results for 2-3 pages. So, how come you downloaded from Soft32?

You should take care as to where you download any software from. First preference should always be given to the home site of the software. That's where you will find the latest version of the software.

Sometimes, the official download of a software from their site will lead to a download site. That's fine. Most of them are reputable download sites. Still, even reputed sites like have started to offer their own downloader. So, should be avoided.

If you have to download from another download site, then make sure you download from a reputed one. George.J in his post has mentioned these reputed sites. These were also mentioned in another thread earlier by myself, although without any links.

I am perplexed as to why you decided to download from Soft32.

You say that Firefox is not there. However, in the second screenshot that you posted, shortcut of Firefox is visible on the desktop. Or, was that screenshot taken before the problem? Is that the case?

I notice that the icon of Firefox appears to be changed, and is black, which is not the original icon of Firefox. Had you changed that? Or, it got changed somehow, and you haven't noticed it?

So, what's the case... is Firefox shortcut icon still on desktop?

If that black Firefox icon is there, clicking on it starts Firefox?

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
I also noticed some shortcuts dont work, and under their properties they have been given different (target/paths?)
Can you post about some of the shortcuts that do not work? Please post their name, and also post their target path which appears to be changed. That can give an idea to the problem.

Had you installed any software in the past few days, which might have caused this problem? Or, performed any scan with a security software... and had tried to fix the problems that it had found?
That might be the reason behind the shortcuts not working, or Firefox not being there on the system.

Unless a change has been made to the system in some way, its weird that suddenly some day, you start the system, and Firefox is not there. Certainly some change has taken place somehow. Try to remember what you did or installed in the past few days.

Were you running Firefox sandboxed all these days?
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