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I took the opportunity yesterday to really give this distro some stick. At one point I was editing pages on the site, had a movie running in the background, a torrent in full swing and was copying 9G of music files across from my external drive. Solus handled all of this ease. I also installed Google Earth and Dropbox which both function correctly except for the fonts in Google Earth, but this is a known issue with Debian. The GUI is easy enough to read but if you do a search, all you'll end up with is a bunch of squares in the search box. The characters you type do enter correctly though so the result will be as expected. Another way round this if you're not happy typing in bunches of squares is to use a text editor first and then copy/paste your query into the search box. There are some suggested fixes for this font issue if you Google for them, but on my system they do not work.

The one and only single issue I've had with the final version of Solus is an occasional crash with flash. So far it hasn't broken during use, but only when first trying to open. Simply refreshing the page opens the media so this is not a big deal. This is already noted in their forum so hopefully a permanent fix will be forthcoming.

Updates are also coming through and installing without issue.
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