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I failed too mention that i had wot downloaded with firefox, and it was working just fine, but its gone also, like i was told im not going to do anything until i answer your questions and see if you guys can help me after you get the info needed.
also, mbam was a download and its updated daily also, its not catching anything,
i also recall removing the 2 check marks so "ask" would not become my homepage, when downloading firefox.

when i downloaded it the first (and only time) it to me to the soft32 download, and its the one that worked very well for about 2 weeks, thats what scares me.

any help sure would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

it should be noted that i turned my computer off for a couple days, it was fine then. when i turned it on i found this problem, thanks for all you guys do

i am not logging in as admin, just limited access, i learned that lesson the hard way.

yes i have and use sandboxie, just wasnt sure about downloading in a sandboxed environment, boxie and i are forever attached

google toolbar (i forgot the method) but i went to add/remove programs and removed google everything. i did this some time back

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