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Somehow things don't seem right here.

If he says the message that is being displayed on MSE is fake, then how come it's displaying a fake message. So, either MSE has some problem, or the Windows installed has some problem.. but there is definitely some problem somewhere.

You still haven't answered my previous questions.

1. Do you have a genuine Windows?

2. Do you have a laptop or a desktop? When did you purchase it? Are you sure you have genuine Windows installed on it? If not sure, please ask the shop where you got your system from.

If Windows is genuine, then I think MSE is a problem here. It shouldn't be displaying that message.

I will again advise you to uninstall MSE, and reinstall it.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
Anupam, i removed some old unused programs but I think to remove the flash disinfectant, I went to add or remove programs, selected it, then hit remove, i was ask, are you sure you want to uninstall and all components, i chose yes
Yes, that's the correct way to remove a program. You did the right way.

About your sandisk USB drive.. I cannot say anything. It's your personal matter, and a matter between your employer and yourself. I will just say that please do whatever is ethical... and according to the norms of who you work for.

And please, if your query involves such personal things, please do inform us before hand, so that we decide whether to answer it or not. We do not want to advise you with anything, which is not our area.
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