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i have had a remote session with my isp, upon testing, all windows products in my computer are valid and genuine, the tech, looked at the mse message i placed in paint, and after a while i was told that was a fake error message, (the stop in 29 day message) he then looked at the print screen capture in paint of the mse window that was colored wrong, he replied, its the right color, but its as if the resolution has increased by 10, he looked at the mse window as it is now, and it looks proper and all updates are current, i was given a reference number and a telephone number to call later this week to obtain the answer, i will post the findings as correctly as i can, and i will ask him for specific terms. when looking at the mse window it was not maximized, allowing me to view the borders of the mse window.

Anupam, I told him what i had downloaded and uninstalled and i ask him to look for remenants left behind, and none were found, and i told him uninstalling this appeared to fix the resolution problem, and he said this, " its a good thing you had that printed, some wouldnt believe it, but its not disputable now" he ran numerous tests on my computer and found nothing wrong.

Anupam, i removed some old unused programs but I think to remove the flash disinfectant, I went to add or remove programs, selected it, then hit remove, i was ask, are you sure you want to uninstall and all components, i chose yes, and after I restarted, mse appeared fine, my fault about driver, I thought it was one of the components. I dont recall it being something that you just hit delete.
the reason i wanted to check the 4gb san disk, is this: my work involves surveillance of criminals, I use a "company" lap top, toshiba. I write reports as i observe them if possible, and save them to the san disk.
this san disk is taken home at times and reports are finished there, and saved to san disk. this is not acceptable practice to the "entity" i work for, but since computers have been available to common people, we have been saving reports to floppy disks, cd's, and now san disks, we all do it and in 22 years its not been a problem.
the san disk i have has been placed into a computer that belongs to my employeer, we didnt know the computer was infected, i placed it in my computer that evening. i was called by i/t and advised bring my company lap top in as security had possibly been compromised and all computers were to be checked. i/t never has and will not tell anyone about what if anything is found

the san disc contains sensitive info. that i must retain and i wanted to check it for problems, and you guys provided me the info for a program to do that, thanks.

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