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Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
I now know what was wrong, i think, (it takes guts to tell you guys that) I said i downloaded the above link after the mse issue, I was wrong, I USED it last night one time after the issue, leading me to think now that I may have an infected 4gb usb sandisk, the download was a day prior to the mse problem, and the color is now normal after removing the usb infection detector and associated driver

could that be a possible or probable cause?
By USB infection detector, you mean the Flash Disinfector program? If yes, please use the proper term, otherwise things get very confusing. You are using different names for the software. Please use the exact name of the software.

Its a genuine software, and what it does is that it installs its own autorun.inf file on the USB. Most of the USB malware spreads by installing an infected autorun.inf file on the USB, and if the computer does not have autorun feature of USB drives turned off.. then the drive just opens automatically when inserted into the PC, and the virus inside spreads on to the PC.

So, Flash Disinfector installs its own autorun.inf file, and prevents creation of that file by malware.

However, MSE might be seeing this as a problem somehow, and therefore must be changing colors to warn about it.. and it cannot be that it won't be displaying any message as a reason for it... there must be some message showing somewhere on the MSE screen. As I don't use MSE, I can't exactly pinpoint where, but I am sure it must be showing an alert message somewhere. I think you did not find it.

By removing usb infection detector and associated driver, what do you mean? You mean you uninstalled the program, or deleted it? It does not have a driver, so what do you mean by associated driver?

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
can i format the sandisk from safe with networking or clean it up somehow?
Had you put your USB drive in any other computer other than your own? If not, then it does not seem like it might be infected.

Before I tell you how to format, download Panda USB Vaccine from the link that MC posted. Install it on your computer, and run it. Then on its screen, click on "Vaccinate computer". That will disable the autorun feature of USB drives, and also optical drives, on the computer.

Then, plug your USB drive in. If you want to format, right click on the drive, and format it. And then after its formatted, use Panda USB Vaccine again, and this time click on "Vaccinate USB". It will put its own autorun.inf file on it. Do not delete that file.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
if its infected I will have an opinion on the usb flashdrive corruption detector, it sure seems like alot of folks like the site though and i never considered an infection coming from a usb attachment, my fault I should have thought about that, it wont happen again to me.
Again you are using a different term for Flash Disinfector here. You are calling it as USB flashdrive corruption detector. Corruption detector is another thing, and it may mean detecting if the USB drive is physically corrupt or something, or if its data is corrupt.
Please use correct and exact terms for things, otherwise it really gets difficult for the other person to understand your query.

Anyways, although this software was genuine... but again, I will again advise you to please find out more about a program, rather than just blindly downloading it and using it.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
Now for the part where you guys get to bash me a little (i deserve it). the usb site installs an autorun something, ( i wasn't aware of this at the time) so, upon locating the file or folder or whatever it is and uninstalling it, (their directions) my troubles seem to be fixed..... there might be something to the idea of a usb flashdrive protection program, if the posters arent all liars. theres sure alot of reported usb trouble and the link above is full of tech talk over my head, one person complimented someone for writing such a complicated to alter program, its worth going there and reading.
Have already covered the above query. The program is genuine, and it installs its own autorun.inf file, which is perfectly legit, and its a protection mechanism.
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