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Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
i mention "site" mistakenly, im refering to the mse scan site only, it does not change colors upon going to a different site, its consistantly bright neon blue and neon green. red was incorrect as a color mentioned, unless it captures something.
You are confusing things, and using the wrong terms I think.

Site is referred to a website. You open the websites in the browsers.

I think what you are referring to as site above is the MSE screen, or MSE window, or MSE interface. Is that it? Then, it won't be referred to as a site, but MSE window, screen, or interface.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
I dont know if its possible but if I do have a fake a/v, I was going to move the complete os to an external drive, then come back to my computer with the possible fake mse, uninstall it, and replace with something else of my choice, then just play with the external drive for educational purposes, with a junk computer.
Again, you are confusing things.

By moving complete OS to an external drive, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean to make a backup image of it? Or, do you mean to copy your important files and folders from the present hard disk on your system to an external drive, and then format the present hard drive, and reinstall Windows?

What's the exact procedure are you talking about?

If you want to uninstall the current MSE on your system, then simply uninstall it from Add/Remove programs. Why go through all trouble to move complete OS to another drive and all?

Simply uninstall current MSE... download the new version of MSE from genuine site, and install it.

Or, if you want to install a different antivirus, uninstall MSE via Add/Remove, and then install a different antivirus.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
I'm not sure if that helps, but i cant load the tiles. I put them in paint and it ask for a url and i dont know how to obtain it
What do you mean by "tiles"? You mean image, or anything else?

Do you know how to capture a screenshot? I think you pressed the PrintScreen button, and then opened Paint, and opened the screenshot?
If yes, then go to File --> Save as... --> On the window that opens.. give any file name and then under "Save as type:" .. choose JPEG and save the image to the desired location.

If you want to upload the image to a image site to show here. Go to, or any other image upload site. On imgur, choose Computer, browse to where the image is, upload the image... it will give you a URL by which you can share the image. Save that URL somewhere, and post the link here.

Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
we failed to address this in top post, forgot this VERY IMPORTANT observation, this morning I turned on the tower, and mse was displaying a red warning that my real time protection had been turned off, telling me my computer was unprotected, when i opened the site and clicked the red button, it would not go into protection mode until after about 30 minutes, i tried 5 times, then pulled the connection to the internet. If this is posible to believe, i update everything daily, I never miss a day. I also run some of the cool stuff here everyday as a precaution against any of the "wares", I'm so glad you folks introduced me to sandboxie.
I can't say about the above, because I have never used MSE. But, it seems that it was turned off for some reason, and the reason must be showing on the MSE screen somewhere.
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