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Originally Posted by placou 1968 View Post
the following alert is in the window:

you may be a victim of software counterfieting, mse will stop working in 29 days, to continue using mse and help protect your computer against malware, your copy of windows must be validated as genuine.
to learn how to get genuine windows, click "go online and resolve now"
The above message indicates that you might not have genuine Windows installed on your system.

Do you have genuine Windows installed on the system?

If its not genuine, then that's a problem.. because as per the message, MSE will stop working after a few days.. the number of days are mentioned in the message.

Also, by default MSE does not install on a non-genuine Windows, so I don't know how you got it to be installed in the first place.

Do you have a desktop PC, or a laptop? If you purchased it recently, I advise you to talk about this to the shop where you got it from, and confirm from them whether the Windows installed is genuine. If its genuine, then ask them how to resolve this issue, of MSE showing Windows as not genuine.
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