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I now know what was wrong, i think, (it takes guts to tell you guys that) I said i downloaded the above link after the mse issue, I was wrong, I USED it last night one time after the issue, leading me to think now that I may have an infected 4gb usb sandisk, the download was a day prior to the mse problem, and the color is now normal after removing the usb infection detector and associated driver

could that be a possible or probable cause?

can i format the sandisk from safe with networking or clean it up somehow?

if its infected I will have an opinion on the usb flashdrive corruption detector, it sure seems like alot of folks like the site though and i never considered an infection coming from a usb attachment, my fault I should have thought about that, it wont happen again to me.

Now for the part where you guys get to bash me a little (i deserve it). the usb site installs an autorun something, ( i wasn't aware of this at the time) so, upon locating the file or folder or whatever it is and uninstalling it, (their directions) my troubles seem to be fixed..... there might be something to the idea of a usb flashdrive protection program, if the posters arent all liars. theres sure alot of reported usb trouble and the link above is full of tech talk over my head, one person complimented someone for writing such a complicated to alter program, its worth going there and reading.

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