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Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy View Post
I totally love Dedoimedo's interpretation of this.
After using the windows 8 consumer preview, I agree completely. No difference in performance between windows 8 and windows 7. Before trying out windows 8, I thought unity was a bad way to consolidate post pc and pc era, now windows 8 was just a complete mess, making it harder for the advanced user. It took me days to look for all my win7 software when I just had to do right-click>show all apps. The multi-tasking, well is just for touchscreens. Microsoft could have done better and well, the truth is that windows 8 seems to be designed for people who consume data and information rather than the productive. (No, 97% of facebook use does not count)
Windows 8 is the post-pc operating system, designed for consumers that still cannot buy an ipad. If that's the case, goodbye microsoft. ( Smilies at the linux computer with a windows partition not touched in months)
Mubuntu will probably be the codename for windows 9. Or Wubuntu..Or Winbuntu..Wint? Wandriva? Wackware?
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