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I was very impressed with the full version of Zorin. I actually liked it better than PClinuxOS which I replaced with Zorin. I think that its close association with Ubuntu enables it to provide the latest and greatest software as it uses Ubuntu's software manager. What impressed me the most was the way Zorin managed to create a WinXP standard desktop. I'm still not sure exactly how but I don't think they used Mate or Cinnamon like Mint does. As a matter of fact when I tried Mint 12 it did not come close to Zorin with regard to ease of setup. I also think the over 1GB download size puts people off from trying Zorin. The lite version weighs in at 704 MB which tempts me to try installing it on a USB

MC, When I visited the webpage you provided, it linked the download section for the full version of which is over 1GB if you go to the right side of the page Zorin OS 6 Lite release candidate is here
At the end of the description you can click on 'Here' for the download
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