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Default Zorin OS 6 Lite

Just under a month ago, Zorin OS launched their version 6 “Lite” and I finally took a few moments to try it out.

First impressions were this is not what many will expect a lightweight desktop to look like. Everything is clear, clean and sharp and dare I say more stable than the main version. This is not to say that Zorin main is full of bugs, but there are a few niggles none of which I experienced with Lite. Based off Lubuntu (the included Software Center is still labeled as such) and with the LXDE desktop, this distro is well suited to laptops which is where mine is now installed. I have a Samsung RV415 with AMD E300 processor + 2G, and it's as fast on this as you could possibly want. Pretty much everything you need is pre-installed although I did opt for LibreOffice Writer in preference to the included Abiword. I also downloaded Deluge, GkrellM, a couple of games + Thunderbird and was ready to go. Unlike some distros, the system updates after install are not too heavy either.

The only thing not working for me out of the box was sound, but this was just a question of selecting my card from the drop down list.

As usual, Zorin provides some nice touches over and above the original source and in no way does it look or feel compromised because of it's lightweight aspirations.

I've now replaced Kororaa 16 KDE with Zorin OS 6 Lite on my dual booted laptop as this is definitely a keeper.

Screenshot here:
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