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Originally Posted by Richard
I use Remastersys as a back-up. When I've got things set up as I like them and there's been a kernel update (for instance) I run off another back-up DVD using Remastersys - just in case!
I also back-up to external media the .iso file each time. (Yes, I like back-ups!!!)

Backups are Must... and I like them too Actually I try to do a weekly differential image using a commercial imaging program. Knock on wood this has never failed me other than loosing a few e-mails. The nice thing is that I can also mount the image so I can retrieve files if needed.
A linux OS image takes about 20 minutes afterward that the differential takes a few minutes.
Originally Posted by MC
Originally Posted by ianjrichards View Post

Maybe Dedoimedo would be interested in doing this in exchange for links back to his site.

I'll ask him
I already did, he said his projects are overlapping but he will see what he can do.
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