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Originally Posted by ianjrichards
I'd also think it useful to show how to create a customized distro based on an existing installation that the user has configured with his own selection of software and other personal customizations.
As you are already aware of Remastersys which you highlighted in your post Make Your Own Customized Bootable Linux Live CD (or USB Stick) in theory this software is designed to do just that. I have attempted to create a customized live cd this way but the results were not too good. I get by, because I have found that I can install a linux distro and have it configured to my liking in about an hours time. (the true beauty of linux).

I seem to remember Dedoimedo has done some work for this sight in the past and so if we were to ask pretty please we may get him to write a more thorough step-by-step guide for using Remastersys.

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