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Originally Posted by jclarkw View Post

I confess that I don't really understand the implications of either "solution." Can anyone shed any light on which would be more appropriate in what situations?
Hi jclarkw, as I understand it, if you use Kays solution, you ll have to allow full access to the Surun service. Allowing full access to anything is kind of dangerous because you ll be allowing programs that are downloaded or installed in the sandbox to have access to files located OUTSIDE the sandbox. Thats exactly what I don't want and the main reason why I use Sandboxie. Personally, I would not allow "full access" to any file in order to get a program to work with SBIE but thats me.

If you use the blacklist solution, SBIE will do the work on its own with no interference from Surun since it wont come into play.

If it was me, I would use the blacklist solution as I am totally confident that SBIE is more than capable to handle the systems security on its own. I am running nothing but SBIE for security so my confidence on Sandboxie comes from my personal experience using the program. You should be OK by using the blacklist solution.

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