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More information from Kay Bruns in response to questions of mne (see;nocount):

"Both options do the same for YOU, they make SuRun work with SandboxIE.
My suggestion would enable SuRun's hooks inside SandboxIE while peterk62 would prevent them to work (and to eventually be risky).
I'd suggest you use peterk62's solution...
"peterk62's suggestion is not risky, mine is, potentially, because in my suggestion SuRun gets into the game, in peterk62's SuRun is out and thus less risky."

I THINK this means that, as long as you don't want to elevate a program's privileges INSIDE SandboxIE (e.g. to install and test new software), you're better off with the simple blacklist solution.

In any case, this solution seems to work for me. Again, comments are invited. -- jclarkw
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