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Default SuRun and Sandboxie Coexistence?

Originally Posted by Concerned User View Post
...Windows XP SP3...
I've used both MSE and Sandboxie in a LUA (XP) with great success...
I also used a program called "surun" which was like a mini UAC for Windows XP. Works great and does not bloat your system. You might want to try that...

Dear Concerned User -- I just tried adding SuRun to the above configuration as you suggested. Then Sandboxie won't run right -- complains about not being able to start its service (or perhaps it's Sandboxie that's actually causing problems for SuRun). I looked on the SuRun forums and found that Kay had proposed a solution, with the VERY disquieting additional comment, "What I don't know is if the elevated program can then break out of the sandbox." (See his reply dated 2010-03-28 in topic, "How to use Sandboxie with Surun? I have yet to search the Sandboxie forum for SuRun issues...)

I wonder if you or others on this forum have had problems of this sort and found viable solutions. -- jclarkw
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