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Originally Posted by wdhpr View Post
At the end of the day people will still want a standard sized keyboard and a monitor to get work done with. I don't own a smart phone any more but when I did I uploaded my file to my PC which I then used for editing, emailing and Printing the documents. I can see how a Tablet would be nice to have while on the road but I can see a notebook doing that job just as well or better.
I don't own a smartphone either, got no intention of owning one anytime soon. My old desktop PC seems to be dying a slow death, something new seems to go wrong with it whenever i switch it on, but i rarely switch it on these days so maybe that's why. On the other hand my laptop is on all day everyday and i would never replace it with a tablet because there simply is no tablet available with the processing and multitasking ability of my laptop. Added to this, i like having a proper keyboard and a dvd drive and i like having a decent size screen. Tablets and smartphones are neat gadgets but for serious computing i still believe you need a serious computer, and tablets ain't that. That is all
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