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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
Imagine a few years back, when we need to check emails or browse a webpage, the only place is a desktop PC or notebook, now we have alternate computing devices like tablets and smartphones.

"In July and August 2011, marketing businesses and journalists began to talk about the 'Post-PC Era', in which the desktop form factor was being replaced with more portable computing such as netbooks, Tablet PCs, and smartphones."
No one mentioned Ultrabooks which I fell are the perfect cross between tablets and laptops. Too bad they're so expensive at this time. But that will change as the 2nd generation will be released this summer.

I'm the type of guy that wants his cell phone to be just that, a cell phone and nothing else. But give me an icore 5 and 6 gigs of ram in a solid, mobile platform at an affordable price for my real computing needs over a smartphone any day.
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