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Of course I don't think the PC market will die overnight. It might take some years to reduce its significance. We have seen notebooks eat into the desktop PC market, and now we see 'tablets and smartphones' start eating into the notebook market.

From the same source, Ozzie says, "That doesn't mean the PC dies, that just means that the scenarios that we use them in, we stop referring to them as PCs, we refer to them as other things."

Imagine a few years back, when we need to check emails or browse a webpage, the only place is a desktop PC or notebook, now we have alternate computing devices like tablets and smartphones.

Here's another quote from Wikipedia:

"In July and August 2011, marketing businesses and journalists began to talk about the 'Post-PC Era', in which the desktop form factor was being replaced with more portable computing such as netbooks, Tablet PCs, and smartphones."
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