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"People argue about 'are we in a post-PC world?'. Why are we arguing? Of course we are in a post-PC world,"
There are many arguments against this statement;

The absurd growth per year of tablets is largely associated to them still being a relatively new product on the market, which also means advances in its technology is much quicker and in bigger leaps with each advancement than established products, such as PC's.

There is also the substantial difference in price which means there is ultimately a much larger target audience for tablets.

Both of these also contribute to there being a much bigger incentive to current owners to upgrade lo latest releases; it is much more viable to upgrade a tablet due to less cost and many improvements over earlier releases. Whereas PC's have a very substantial upgrade cost and usually not many good reasons to do so.

Plus, do these figures incorporate PC parts? You can obviously upgrade a PC without purchasing an entire new PC, whereas you cannot with the other two.

I would be very surprised if the people purchasing tablets/smart phones are no longer using their PC's either. The products as a whole are just too different to justify his statement.

I think what he is truely meaning is that it is in Microsoft's best interests financially to focus on 'the world of phones and pads'.

We are not in a post-PC world in terms of PC use I believe.
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