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Originally Posted by Exshail
Infact my USB is only 1 GB (one GB). BTW yet I don't know whether it is a portable OS or not. Want to know, if any OS changes will be preserved in my 1 GB pen drive (still have space for 250 mb) & same bootable pen drive works with other machine?
1GB is very small for Ubuntu I'm actually surprised it fit. Unless you set it up as persistent it will not save your changes to the USB drive. Read this for persistent explained

Puppy Linux in persistent mode will fit on a 1GB drive comfortably. I actually ran Puppy for a couple of years on a 1GB drive but I was limited on what I could use it for such as retrieving files on a computer that could no longer boot into windows.

I suggest you spend some time at the pendrivelinux web site and become more familiar with how the whole process works. I would also suggest getting a bigger USB drive. For example Bodhi Linux should be installed on at least a 2GB thumb drive. I'm not trying to push Bodhi Linux but I easily installed it by using a live CD. I directed the install to the USB drive instead of a hard drive but be absolutely sure it installs on the USB drive otherwise it will destroy the MBR on your HDD. Anyway I was able to save all my changes to my USB drive just like it would on a HDD. Thumb drives are getting cheaper now days I picked up a 8GB drive for $25.00 US. There are more options available on the bigger USB drives and it will also allow you to add a good number of applications with room to spare or run linux distro's that are compatible with your wireless system.

*Note* not all USB drives operate correctly as boot-able. Read here for Recommended USB Linux flash drives


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