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Thats great
I wasn't sure how big your USB drive was so I didn't suggest Ubuntu. I put Bodhi on an 8GB thumb drive which is about a 400 MB download which left me allot of room so I could help friends recover important files on a computer that won't boot or to just introduce them to Linux. The thing about Bodhi is its a minimalistic distro and doesn't come with much in the way of applications so not the ideal distro for newcomers. Anyway I'm glad Ubuntu is working for you

Infact my USB is only 1 GB (one GB). BTW yet I don't know whether it is a portable OS or not. Want to know, if any OS changes will be preserved in my 1 GB pen drive (still have space for 250 mb) & same bootable pen drive works with other machine?

I like puppy similar to window as 3 system buttons are on top right hand side of any window.
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