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Instead of uninstalling apps it is considered better to Freeze the apps as this stops them from running almost like being uninstalled yet you can unfreeze it later so you can get over the air updates to the OS. I rooted both the Android phones I have had with no issues. However on my second phone I uninstalled some apps using Root Uninstaller and it created issues with over the air updates so you have been warned. The main app I am aware of for freezing apps is Titanium Backup. I also found Gemini App Manager.

On Windows there are Services that are always running in the background. Android also has services. This is why some things are always running. You can use apps like Startup Auditor or Android Assistant to control which ones can startup and which one can not; there are also settings o keep them from restarting themselves which should solve the issue of restarting apps. This will give you more control over what is running. I know there are many Verizon services I don't use that I control this way or at least I did before installing CyanogenMod. Now I don't need to.

As for a Task Switcher I use Smart Task Switcher which allows you to find out what is running as well as switching between running tasks. Also a long press on an app will kill it if possible. If it has a service running it might not be possible unless you disable the startup service as listed above.

Hopefully this provides some good food for thought on getting your phone running optimally. Have fun.

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