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I wish u had numbered the qts in ur first post in that it would have been easy to answer them

lets me start from the top and try to answer ur questions

Yes the only to way uninstall pre installed apps is to root the phone
And as ur qts have already been answered that android handles the applications itself , no need to kill them
many applications run in background so they dont show up in active applications list - for example antivirus , gmail etc
u have a galxy s right ?or plus ? either way both phones have 512 mb ram and u dont need to kill apps to save memory

this is not nokia so stop comparing android and apps haev exit button android apps mostly dont
when u press back button they go in background and dont do anything until u open them up again
stop using task killers , just use them to see what apps are running

u dont need control over the does that itself
and if u r not using any inbuilt apps then rooting is the way to go..that was one of the main reasons i rooted my phone initially to get rid of all the crap

startup manager - search autorun manager on market , u can disable apps u dont want to run on startup

have u disbaled auto sync ? if not do it now

go in contacts - contacts - options - more - display options - then tick what contacts u want to see in contacts
i would suggest that if u have a backup of ur contacts then delete everything from ur contacts , disable auto sync as i suggested and then import ur contacts back

u can netime us better alternatives for contacts like exdialer

u can see the best apps list on gizmo and get many good alternatives for apps there
i seldom use any stock app

now i dont know which music player u r using but most of the music players have setting that when u plugin headphones they start running..u need to go in the music app and disbale this setting there..this is not androids fault

now i dont use stock sms , never did from the first day , have always used replacement and go sms is the best , u will get so many options that ul get mad but u can customize it just the way u want it
i have sent many big sms from my phone none of them got converted to mms

and about the delivery report - u r wrong that it just flashes the report for milliseconds
when u have sent the message and the message has been recieved by the user u get a tick mark in front of that msg to show message has been delivered

rooting is a fairly simple process and i have yet to hear a phone that was bricked
i myself have rooted my 2 phones and my friends phones [ samsung , lg , htc ] and all are working fine
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