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Wow... some nice articles there... great reading. Thanks a lot Kendall !

Good to know that task killers are not good to use, and don't really offer an advantage. That was nice to know, when I am just starting to use Android.

Anyways, I didn't use task killer for preserving battery, but more for the purpose of clearing up RAM, as I thought that keeping RAM free is good. Well, this is what we Windows users tend to do. But, an article says that its actually good having a full RAM on Android. Hmmm... will not exactly agree to that... but from the articles, its clear that Android manages the processes itself. Still, as I mentioned earlier, I think there are some chances of improvements on that... as far as I feel now... maybe I am wrong.

The tips about tuning off wifi, or bluetooth etc, are good.. and that's the ones I have been following by my own. Why to have them on, when you don't need them. Tip about having power control widget on home screen was a good idea, and I will do that.

Also good tip about not using too much of fancy stuff, like live wallpapers. While they look awesome, they use up lots of power.

Really some good reading there.

So, the pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled until we root the phone.

I heard from my bro that rooting can sometimes cause problems.. is that true? Or, its the opposite? Of course, that question does not involve the risk of bricking the phone... which is quite an obvious risk.

Because, the Lifehacker article says that rooting is actually good, and they recommend it. I will do more reading on that later.

I am not too keen on rooting my phone right now. And of course, there is always the risk of bricking my expensive phone at the back of mind

Got things to learn today.. great!
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