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I still don't understand the apps and processes working fully though. I am still confused as to why certain processes/apps run even when I kill them. For example, certainly music player should not run, once I killed it from task killer app.

Is there any kind of startup manager for Android?

One other query is that, I had to forward a long sms to my friends. It arrived as a text messages, and in the properties of the sms too, it shows as text. However, when I try to forward it, it automatically gets converted into a multimedia message. Why is that... and how do I stop it from doing that?

I copied the text, and bought it to one sms matter, by editing it appropriately, but still, it does not get converted to a normal text message. Is there any solution to this issue? I had no such problems with my earlier Nokia phone.

Also, my Nokia phone used to nicely show the sms delivery report, and also stored it in a separate area to look at it later. But with this Android phone, the delivery report display is really bad. It just flashes it in the small notification area of milliseconds, and also does not save a report anywhere. Not good for me. This, I find a problem with.
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