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Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
Most of your questions are related to Android's multitasking and memory management. See my comment here and useful info about 'Multitasking the Android Way'.
Thanks for the links. That answers some of my questions. Still, I am not fully convinced with their apps-running-all-the-time theory. Although, it seems like Android does have good app handling capabilities... still, options should be given to fully close an app, if a user so chooses. Letting apps linger in the background, even if one does not intend to, does not make sense to me.

If they can bring an app to its previous state, even after it was killed and closed, then why not provide the option to close it after all.

There should be more control over apps and processes in the hands of the user.

The other day, I turned on my phone to watch videos, and I found that the music player had switched on automatically, and sound was coming. I was quite perplexed by this, and it actually took me sometime to find which file was playing. And I had not used the music player since a whole day. It was quite surprising that it loaded itself on automatically, as soon as I plugged in the ear phones.

Originally Posted by Jojoyee View Post
To remove a shortcut from your home screen, touch and hold its icon, then drag it to the trash bin. That's it.
Ah! Got it now. Thanks. I now also got it, that if you tap and hold on an app icon long enough, it automatically gets itself on the home screen. That's how the icon must have got there.
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