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Default Android questions

I got a new Android phone, and have some queries about it.

I have some apps that came pre-installed, and I see no use for them. I did not see any way to uninstall these though. Is there any way to uninstall them, or, they can only be uninstalled if I root the phone, or, they cannot be uninstalled at all?

Also, I am really baffled by the apps that keep running in the background... I really cannot understand how they start by themselves, and how to handle them.

First is about the task manager. When I open task manager, under Active Applications, I see none running... but when I go to RAM... and then tap Clear Memory, I always find 3-4 applications being closed, and freeing up memory. Why is that? Why don't these apps show up under Active Applications?

And even after clearing memory, and the apps getting closed, after sometime, I again see memory being used like before... and again on clearing memory, 3-4 apps get closed. What's happening?

I installed Avast Mobile Security, and Advanced Task Killer... with the help of them, I can see many apps running in background. I kill them from there, and they still start themselves up. Really baffled.

If I listen to some music, or watch some videos, and when I close them, via Advanced Task Killer, I can still see them running. Why is that? Don't they close when I click on the back button on the phone? If not, what's the proper way to close these?

I see Google Maps running all the time. If I kill it, it starts again. I am not connected to internet, and I don't have the need for it.. so why does it run? Is there any way to stop it from running all the time?

Same for Email.. I haven't got an email setup, but the process still keeps running.

Is there any Startup Manager app for Android, where I can take control of what apps run automatically on startup, or, any app by which I can configure which apps I want running, and which not. Anything like that? Because I really find all these apps running all the time a real trouble. Further, if I get internet, and I install more apps, and if they all keep running all the time, with no proper way to handle them, it's going to be a trouble. That's the thing that I did not like about Android... very little control over all these apps.

And I had connected my phone to the internet for a while... and found everything just connecting to it, specially the Google apps.

To connect to Android Market, I had to set up Gmail account on phone, and now I find my contact list has filled up with contacts from Gmail .. and that's really irritating. I now have to wade through an ocean of contacts, to find the one I want... geez! What more can you expect from Google . Any way that those contacts won't appear?

Thank goodness that Facebook app had the option of not syncing the Facebook contacts with phone, otherwise the list would have been more :$.

There are some shortcuts on my home screen. Accidentally, and I don't know how, I managed to drag a shortcut of an app on to the home screen... any idea how to get rid of it?

Well, I think these will be all for now... more later.
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