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Bodhi Linux was a worthwhile experience but its time to move on. It still has stability issues even while running in persistent mode. I still maintain that its not an ideal distro for inexperienced users however I will say the pre-configured packages they include in their software manager goes a long way to address the issue.

I am off to PClinuxOS minime its a minimal distro and therefore it will allow me to install just the software I want. I appreciate that the website states that this version is only appropriate for experienced users.

From the website
Software – Basic KDE 4.6.5 desktop and configuration tools. This is a barebones installation. No other software included on the the LiveCD. This release is for advanced users who know what software they want and how to install and configure it. Over 13,000 software packages available to customize your MiniMe installation.
I have used PClinuxOS before and found it to be one of the best I have ever tried out. I will try this distro for at least a week before making any kind of judgment on how I like it. Something I have learned because its easy to like a new distro before all the bugs have had a chance to pop-up
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