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Unhappy Keyboard and Ubuntu problem

There is no USB device legacy support option to enable in my BIOS. I'm dual boot, using Ubuntu and Windows. I want Windows XP to be my default OS and not Ubuntu 10.10, but my keyboard (A4tech) only works during the log in part in Windows or Ubuntu. I have to use 'another' PS2 keyboard just for the part where I have to select the OS coz at that point I can't use my USB keyboard, I always enter in Ubuntu. I know about this problem before I bought this USB Keyboard, I want a keyboard with soft and silent keys (i forgot how they call it) A4Tech is the only one available and they always tell me that PS/2 is obsolete.

My problem regarding Ubuntu 10.10, I am logged as admin but when I changed the Default OS ... you know the part where I have to change [0] to [4] then save it... a message pops up "you are not allowed to change... blah blah " so I can't save it... I can't change the default OS.
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