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Originally Posted by Av_Crazy View Post
i have many folders on the bookmark bar and many bookmarks in those folders
the way i have arranged the bookmarks they appear the same way when i import them in firefox but they are shown alphabatically in opera - both the folders and the bookmarks in them - so i have to rearrange them again !
OK... got it.. after searching for a while.

Go to Bookmarks --> Manage Bookmarks(Ctrl+Shift+b)

In the bookmarks management screen, click on View, which is on RHS, besides the search box. There, you will get various options to sort the bookmarks by. One of the options is to "Sort by My Order". I think that would suit you. You can select it before importing any bookmarks, so that they remain in the same order when you import them.

Originally Posted by Av_Crazy View Post
that takes even more space - no way to move it like in firefox ?
Again, I am not quite sure what you are asking here. Explain more.
Which Opera icon are you talking about? The big Opera icon marked O at the top left, from where the menu opens? The one equivalent of the orange Firefox icon?

Or, are you talking about something else.

You can arrange the browser looks by "Appearance"(Shift+F12) .. many options are there.

If you give more details, maybe can help.

Originally Posted by Av_Crazy View Post
The settings il go through them again but they should keep the settings to a minimal like in chrome and firefox
Well, thats the way they are.. and have kept it that way. I think there are many settings, because as you can see above, Opera is highly customizable. I too found out about the bookmarks order setting today itself. I had never looked there.

So, for such high degree of customizability, I think many settings will be there. Can be quite confusing at first.

I feel they could make it a little better, maybe more organized... because I feel the settings are quite scattered.

Some users really swear by Opera. I appreciate its customizability, and other things, and I have tried to like Opera, but I just can't. I don't get the "feel" with it ..
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