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To move the Opera icon from the top right; right click the icon - customize - appearance. Select 'Buttons', then 'Browser'. Drag the Opera icon to the bottom bar, place it where you want it - click ok. Now you should have one at the top and one at the bottom.

Go back to the top right icon, right click, customize - appearance. Click the 'Placement' drop down and select 'off'. Click ok. Now you should have just the one icon at the bottom.

If you want the text at the side of the icon image, right click it, customize - appearance - then select the 'Style' drop down - select 'Images text on right', then ok.

You can move the icon around by right clicking it - customize - appearance - then move it where you want to.

To revert back to default settings just right click any toolbar, select customize, then 'Reset Toolbar To Its Defaults'.
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