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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
Every browser has got their own way of doing things.
Any particular thing you are looking for? I don't have Chrome, so I don't know the bookmarks function in Chrome. So, you will have to be specific
i have many folders on the bookmark bar and many bookmarks in those folders
the way i have arranged the bookmarks they appear the same way when i import them in firefox but they are shown alphabatically in opera - both the folders and the bookmarks in them - so i have to rearrange them again !

Only thing you can do for is that to click on Opera icon, and choose the option "Show Menu Bar"... which will make it change its Chrome-like appearance, back to normal Menu bar mode..
that takes even more space - no way to move it like in firefox ?

So many settings can be a bit overwhelming at first, but take sometime to go through them... they are not much.

If you have a slow internet, you can turn on the Opera Turbo feature. Other than that, I think you yourself should go through the settings, and decide how you want them.
The settings il go through them again but they should keep the settings to a minimal like in chrome and firefox
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