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Originally Posted by jclarkw View Post
Thanks, Terarus. If the two approaches are effectively equivalent, it appears from the Sandboxie on-line "Getting Strated" guide that SRP may be considerably less bother than Sandboxie (which I haven't bought yet -- so far only downloaded the free version). Do you agree?

There is some tweaking required for sandboxie if you want to achieve a higher level of protection but it isnt particularly troublesome nor time consuming; especially if you ask around in this forum. SPR can be annoying when you want to install or update something without having to change users everytime (though that is probably the "recommended" way) And since sandboxie has the ability to run things in a LUA environment, you can essentially just stick with an admin account and be able to update and install things faster while using sandboxie to open your browser, pdfs, documents, media etc etc etc.

SPR is free and convenient to setup - but must be implemented with LUA
Sandboxie costs a little, though you can put it on any no. of pcs u already own and can protect versions of windows that doesnt support spr (home premium) - something that you can take into account when you get new laptops/pcs in the future. And since its a lifetime licence, its a gd deal.

If so, can you guide me to a more complete descripton of setting up the recommended SRP. As mentioned to Concerned User, I cannot immediately see how to set up both sides of the recommended policy.
The instructions at mechbgon is what i'll recommend. The only thing that I needed to add when i used their method was the addition of certain programs that weren't located in Program Files and had to be manually excluded.
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