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Originally Posted by Concerned User View Post
I also used a program called "surun" which was like a mini UAC for Windows XP. Works great and does not bloat your system. You might want to try that.

Yes, I've seen SuRun mentioned elsewhere on your site, and it sounds great. I read through the on-ReadMe file last night, however, and noticed a statement that gave me pause:

"SuRun... appends "Start as Administrator..." the system menu of **every application that does not run as administrator** [emphasis mine]."

Does this imply, as it appears, that some software can be initially installed to run as admiinstrator, independently of the privileges of the users that is logged on? If so, then (going back to my original issue with ZoneAlarm Extreme Security) why didn't ZoneAlarm just set up its software to always run as administrator, even when a Limited User is logged on?

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