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Originally Posted by jclarkw View Post
Thanks much! I've already disabled autorun and autoplay (along with NetBIOS over Tcpip and a few other things), and I'm willing to go into an Administrator account temporarily for special purposes like software installation and on-demand Microsoft Updates.

One "unfair" question, since it isn't your recommendation: Are you famiiliar the advice given at (referenced above)? I think I understand the concept, but I don't see how the instructions provided there follow conceptional outline of specifying specific (and different) save and execute directories...

Thanks again. -- jclarkw
Yes, I've used these policies in the past and they worked fine. I don't think they're needed if:

You use separate user accounts (limited users), control your downloads, visit safe sites and avoid dodgy sites, no autoruns, running an av scanner (with updated signatures) etc.

That particular policy the you referenced will allow .exe files to be executed only from the program files folder. You can fine tune it to allow .exe files from any other path also.
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