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Default Coexistence among Security Apps within 'Limited User' Accounts

As a Newbie to your wonderfully educational site, I'm wondering about inter-compatibility and viability of various pieces of security freeware that are recommmended here, specifically within a 'Limited User' account. I'm running three Windows XP SP3 laptop computers (currently all with IE8) on a small NAT LAN, trying any tricks I can find to keep them safe, and I'm finally fed up with ZoneAlarm (now CheckPoint) products that more and more frequently have "issues" with the LUAs on my machines. (I'm currently TRYING TO run ZoneAlarm Extreme Security.)

I imagine putting together a simple (but hopefully effective) 'security suite,' probabaly comprising the following components:

The Windows XP firewall. augmented by Windows 7 Firewall Control for program control;
Microsoft Security Essentials for anti-virus/spyware;
Sandboxie for browser security; and perhaps
The free version of Emsisoft Anit-Malware 5.1 for malware removal.
I might or might not switch to Firefox as my default browser.

I would certainly be running mostly from a LUA in XP (although I would install from an Administrator account of course), and I would probably also use some sort of Software Restriction Policy (e.g., and some secure DNS server (as recommended here).

I just stumbled across the statement, "But of course, using sandboxie with a modern browser + good internet habits + using a limited user account will keep you safe and happy with a good browsing experience," in a recent thread at This APPEARS to answer one of my questions below:

Are the above-mentioned apps mutually compatible?
Will they each work properly from a LUA?
Is there a database somewhere showing which security freeware have compatibility problems (or, conversely, play nicely) with which others?
Above all, I don't want my security apps complaining about permissions issues and/or malfunctioning when I'm running from a LUA!

Any advice would be most welcome! -- jclarkw
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