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Default Suggestions of Linux Software to Review

Hi! I hope I'm in the right place here. Iím a new Linux user; Iíve been using Ubuntu for only a couple of months, but Iíve found two nice packages that I use quite a lot. If youríe looking for Linux packages to review, I thought both of these would be worth a look.

I installed Basket Note Pads primarily for storing and organizing information Iíve found online about Ubuntu, but itís so useful that Iíve added other ďbasketsĒ for other topics. Thereís a review of it at which heralds it as the open source answer to Microsoft OneNote. I canít verify that because the only version of OneNote Iíve used is the crippled version available on SkyDrive and Basket Note Pads is far more feature-rich than that. I like it a lot more than any of the freeware notes organizers available for windows. It has a two-panel interface with a tree-view of your baskets on the left and the editing area of the selected basket on the right. Baskets can be organized hierarchically and it appears that a basket can contain both text and sub-baskets. The interface is nice-looking and each basket has formatting options for both layout and appearance.

The other package Iím using a lot is called FocusWriter. Itís a kind of word processor for writers. It has a background and a writing window that you can customize. Thereís a toolbar at the top but it disappears until you hover over it. At the bottom, thereís a bar that shows your word count, the % of your daily goal (if youíve added that in the settings) and other statistics. This bar also disappears until you hover over it. The file format defaults to plain text for documents but you can also use RTF. Youíre thinking ďwhat do I need that for, I have LibreOffice Writer which does a lot more!Ē but this thing is kind of magic. It takes away all the document formatting mechanics so you can focus on just writing something. Somehow, just having such a clean, simple interface clears my head and puts me into writing mode. The developerís web site ( has downloads for Linux, windows and Mac, but Iíve only tried the Linux version.
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