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Originally Posted by rikishi19 View Post
I see it was mentioned here that Waterfox shares the same profile as Firefox. Will this cause any conflict issues if you have both installed on the same machine? Especially if the need to uninstall either one, is there the potential it will corrupt the other in the uninstall process?

Also, when I first read into 64-bit browsers, I was sure I read somewhere that many pages may not load correctly as they are not built/optimised for 64-bit browser technology yet? Or am I getting confused with java/flash here? This is why I have not used the 64-bit version of IE that comes with Windows as default up to now.
I had no problem with running Waterfox with either Firefox Nightly 64-bit or Firefox 32-bit. The code is 100% Firefox. The only differences are that they are compiled with optimizations set for 64-bit and some features are removed.

For me, it was annoying having the shared profile because I couldn't change one without affecting the other. But it is also a useful feature if you work between the two and want consistency.

Re pages not loading correctly. There was a problem with not having stable releases of 64-bit Java and Flash but that is not the case now.

On my 64-bit system, I get the best performance from 64-bit Waterfox and Pale Moon.
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