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It seems I must have experienced a gremlin with my original flashdrive install regarding the sound issues highlighted in my earlier post. Due to a local need I replaced Dreamlinux with Pinguy at the weekend and then put Dreamlinux back again (still dual booted with Windows 7), only this time I burned the ISO to a DVD instead and installed from that. Sound this time around is working perfectly.

Also during my travels with Dreamlinux I discovered a DNS issue similar to that experienced by users of some other distros. If you change your DNS server settings to reflect a preference, your ISP's own addresses will retain priority even though your own preferences are shown in the network configuration. This is the workaround (after entering the details in your network config window - see images): The Dreamlinux devs will now be adding this to the wiki.

1 - sudo apt-get uninstall resolvconf
2 - edit /etc/resolv.conf and delete nameservers other than the ones you want
3 - edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add at its end: prepend domain-name-servers x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x; (repllace x with your DNS servers' addresses).
4 - reboot.
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