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Well, have to say amazing support from the guys at Dreamlinux. I am now dual booted with Windows 7 and very much enjoying the experience.

Beware! fellow dual booters, when you complete the install, remove your CD and reboot, Windows will not appear in the boot list. You first need to boot into Dreamlinux, configure your password and then reboot again to see the Windows loader appear.

My 4 speaker sound issue was simply a matter of just disabling one default box in Alsa, and everything else is running smoothly.

VLC runs fine, the issue I described above only happens when using a live session.

The system itself is very fast and the default look of Dreamlinux, for my tastes anyway, is more appealing than anything else I've used. As with most things Linux though you can move it, shape it and change the icons etc., to get exactly the look you want.

Resource use is way down at the low end for the distros I've tried. CPU hardly moves and memory is running at 8% of my 4G with IceDove and Chromium open (4% when closed).

This new version of DreamLinux is well worth a look, and my appreciation to the guys there for their support.
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