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Indeed, that's what tagging is. If you want to search for photos based on comments you have added to the photo in some way,that's something else. I have never done it, so I don't know how you might go about it. Also depends on how you add the comments, if you "paste" text into an image with various programs, it usually becomes part of the image and is no longer searchable text.

The easiest and quickest method would be simply to rename the files as desired. Windows XP allows file names upto 255 characters in length and Vista allows 260 characters. So you can name a file something like.

Baby and mama in the park near the fountain on 7th July 2009.jpg

I just tried this, here's the paste, I simply renamed the file.

The file name is only 55 characters here;

Baby and mama in the park near the fountain on 7th July 2009.jpg

Here's an image ( screenshot) of that file in a normal directory

You can sort on file names with various tools. You can also rename files with various bulk renaming tools. You just need to set up some sort of system to do it. As long as the file names are different you can search or sort them easily. You could for instance use a family name, a number, and the date. No problem at all to sort such files. You could also use various keywords that you decide on.

If you don't want to do it like that, then use the File info function in "properties" of the file itself .The box shown has German titles but it is a standard "Properties" box showing "File Info";

I don't know of a program offhand that will search on the File Info box, but there will be one somewhere! A lot easier than messing about with image editors and stuff like that.

Here is a metadata search tool that should help

There are bound to be others out there though. I would go one of these routes and forget image editors and the like.



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